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From large constructions works to small interior refurbishments, we offer the full line of architectural and interior design services. Each project is designed, detailed and built to the highest local and international standards.We have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, Financiers,Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers with a wide range of network in Kenya and East Africa, all with one goal—to deliver an unrivaled combination of experience,workmanship, artisan-ship and environmental sensibility to ensure each project is a success.As a practice we boldly incorporate the ever-changing spectrum of unique materials and colours in our projects. These materialsare energy and design efficient and maintenance free. The materials add new color and fervor to allow for the full expression of our sophisticated Architectural designs.

KIM master plan presentation

Master Planning

When creating large urban spaces, we endeavor to maintain intimate spaces and ideas into reality. Our role in Master planning is to ensure that each part of a large scale project plays well with others.If not handled well, any tiny imperfections can be a potential source of failure in the long run. So we handle this issue as a global agenda yet as a development process that is part and parcel of the fabric of the human being, the city, country and the the universe.